What is AdBlue?

With the advent of Euro 6 for trucks and regulated emissions for off-road Diesel on the horizon, it has never been more important to understand the need for high-purity AdBlue for your Diesel fleet.

Newer diesel-fuelled engines are equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to comply with tightening emission laws.

Sensors in the exhaust system monitor the gases and sprays AdBlue when required to break down harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx), converting it to safe nitrogen and water vapour.


High-Purity AdBlue

What is AdBlue Altra Pure?

Ready for use

AdBlue Altra Pure is a premium high-purity aqueous urea solution, engineered to minimise impurities that contribute to AdBlue deposits. It is ready for use in AdBlue equipped Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) diesel vehicles.

If your vehicle’s user manual advises your vehicle uses AdBlue, then AdBlue Altra Pure can be used. Ensure to fill it in the dedicated AdBlue tank, and not the fuel tank.

AdBlue Altra Pure Benefits

AdBlue Altra Pure has been engineered to minimise impurities, that otherwise can contribute to AdBlue deposits (which is “standard” in AdBlue).

AdBlue Altra Pure Differene

Only high-purity, technical SCR automotive grade urea is used to manufacture AdBlue Altra Pure. 

Manufactured in accordance with ISO 22241 and ISO 9001 standards.

For your peace of mind, every batch of AdBlue Altra Pure is tested and certified before sale, by the only Australian NATA approved laboratory, qualified to test “Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) urea solution”.

Who makes AdBlue Altra Pure?

DGL AUSblue are the first and only VDA licensed Australian AdBlue manufacturer that has exclusively developed a premium high-purity AdBlue. It is manufactured and distributed from AUSblue’s own production facilities located throughout Australia. 

Having full control of the manufacturing and distribution process ensures a quality product is produced and delivered on-time.

Want AdBlue that's engineered to minimise impurities?